SYTECH (Suzhou) Listed as The First Batch of Customs Quick Inspection Pilot Company in The Industrial Park

On June 11, 2020, Mr. Jiao Feng, General Manager of SYTECH (Suzhou), presented a silk banner to the Suzhou Industrial Park Customs on behalf of the company, expressing thanks to their priority inspection and support during the special period. Mr. Chen Jian, Deputy Director of the Weiting Office of Suzhou Industrial Park Customs and related personnel of the Second Supervision Section attended.

During the meeting, Deputy Director Mr. Chen Jian affirmed the comprehensive credit evaluation results of SYTECH (Suzhou) and years of law-abiding operation and customs. He also stated that, in order to further support companies, Suzhou Industrial Park Customs will formulate a pilot program for “Quick Inspection" convenience measures, and SYTECH (Suzhou) will be in the first batch of pilot companies.