SYTECH (Guangdong) Held the Unveiling Ceremony for Employee Safety Sympathy Center

On April 26, 2020, SYTECH (Guangdong) held the unveiling ceremony for Employee Safety Sympathy Center. Chairman Mr. Liu Shufeng, General Manager Mr. Chen Renxi, Safety Leading Group Leader Ms. Liu Jinqiong and Safety team members attended the ceremony.

With Trainer Cheng Rui and Zhong Shihua’s guidance, the leaders experienced all equipment in person.

After real experience, Mr. Liu praised the Safety Sympathy Center co-designed and built by the Environment and Safety Division, Equipment and Power Department and HR Department. He pointed that company leaders should be the first one to experience the Center. He hopes that through safety sympathy education, everyone will put safety first and form the habit of doing things strictly by the norms.

Mr. Chen pointed that sympathy training allows people to experience the real feelings. He thanked sympathy training center’s preparation team and the efforts they spent to improve safety education. He also emphasized that everyone must strictly follow the national production safety regulations, take full safety protection measures, have sufficient safety training, and continue to improve error-proof and fool-proof measures and facilities to prevent accidents. He required all one-site management must stay alert, and find out and warn timely if there is any operation violation; the safety team needs to cultivate more safety sympathy trainers, and carries out employee safety sympathy training well.

Mr. Liu and Mr. Chen unveiled the Employee Safety Sympathy Center, launching the Center officially. The Center will provide safety sympathy training to employees, and strong support to safe production.