STPCM Introduction and Promotion Meeting Successfully Held in SYTECH Group

On April 9, 2020, SYTECH Group STPCM (Shengyi Total Production Cost Management) Introduction and Promotion meeting was successfully held with all group companies through video conference. Luo Liyu, Project Team Leader and Manager of President’s Assistant Office, Vice Project Team Leaders Chen Shaoting, Lin Daohuan, Hu Lanqing, and project team members joined the meeting. The project was highly valued by all group companies. General Manager of SYTECH (Shaanxi) Yang Hui, General Manager of SYTECH (Changshu) Wang Hui, Financial Director Long Lei and Production Director Shi Shaoming of SYTECH (Suzhou), Deputy General Manager of SYTECH (Jiangsu) Lei Cheng, Admin Manager Zhang Liwei of SYTECH (Jiangxi) and other management attended the meeting.

Team Leader Luo Liyu put forward management requirements and expectations of promoting STPCM to group companies. Vice Team Leader Chen Shaoting introduced the process of implementing STPCM in SYTECH (Guangdong) and the current situation. Vice Team Leader Hu Lanqing specified STPCM Group Promotion Project Team’s responsibilities and plan. Vice Team Leader Lin Daohuan introduced relevant financial work and issues worth attention during the process.

STPCM promotion in SYTECH Group is highly agreed among all group companies. They also had deeper communication and exchange about the project promotion in the meeting.

After the project was approved, CEO of SYTECH Group Chen Renxi pointed that the project team must organize and promote well, all group companies need to set up a corresponding working team to make project plan, incentive plan and do continuous improvement, have good organization to encourage all staff to join and act, perform cost accounting, and have regular summary and review of the process, so as to make sure the conformity of cost data, project improvement and result sharing in the group.

After successful project start, with plan and support of the project team, STPCM promotion in the group will aspire the enthusiasm of all companies and control production cost, and unite the efforts in the group to realize the goal of total management, loss and cost control, performance improvement and result sharing.