Official Start of SYTECH Group Operation

With three-year trial of virtual operation, SYTECH Group design and management team fully combines the market situations in various regions, characteristics of each subsidiary and the group’s development strategy. With firm determination to develop, management wisdom and comprehensive consideration, they seek common ground while resolving differences, and innovatively explored a group construction plan with SYTECH characteristics, which is beneficial for long-term development. The plan is implemented in March 2020, marking the official start of SYTECH Group operation. 

Nominated by the chairman, and reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors, Chen Renxi was appointed as the CEO of SYTECH Group. Mr. Chen appointed the Group Executive Vice President, President of group management centers and Manager of President’s Assistant Office. They are:

Group Executive Vice President: Dong Xiaojun

President of Sales & Marketing Center: Zeng Honghui

President of Operation Center: Jiao Feng

President of Quality Assurance Center: Wu Xiaolian

President of R&D Center: Zeng Yaode

President of Financial Center: He Ziqiang

President of Administration Center: Luo Liyu

President of Data & IT Center: Yang Hui

Manager of President’s Assistant Office: Luo Liyu

Since March 2020, all management centers and President’s Assistant Office have been put into operation according to the CEO’s instructions. Chairman Mr. Liu and CEO Mr. Chen attended some management centers’ founding meeting. All management centers and President’s Assistant Office start business running soon after the official launch, striving to achieve excellent results, and create values for the Group in the first year.

Group operation is necessary for SYTECH’s development and the aspiration of all relevant parties. The operation SYTECH Group will consolidate the joint efforts of all main business subsidiaries, and lead all SYers to work hard, strive for excellent, and together build a stronger and more competitive SYTECH. Under group management, SYTECH will meet customer demands more comprehensively, and improve quality more efficiently, creating more opportunities and exploring bigger future for all partners.