Congratulations on Shengyi (Suzhou) 16th Anniversary

Shengyi (Suzhou) 16th Founding Anniversary was grandly held on December 25, 2019. Shengyi (Guangdong) Chairman Mr. Liu Shufeng, General Manager Mr. Chen Renxi, Shengyi (Suzhou) Chairman Mr. Dong Xiaojun, General Manager Mr. Jiao Feng, Shengyi (Changshu) General Manager Mr. Wang Hui, Novoray General Manager Mr. Li Xiaodong, leaders and guests from all group companies, as well as employees of Shengyi (Suzhou) and Shengyi (Changshu) gathered to celebrate.

In 2019, with support from the group, Shengyi (Suzhou) and Shengyi (Changshu) achieved great business results with their high spirit and continuous efforts. Hope Shengyi (Suzhou) and Shengyi (Changshu) can keep good development momentum, make persistent efforts in the process of group development, maintain an innovative attitude, and pursue high-quality development.

Chairman Mr. Liu delivered a keynote speech, Dream Chaser, It’s time to Fight. He led us to review the past and think about the future. He’s very happy to see that Shengyi (Suzhou) and Shengyi (Changshu) is growing stronger and is equipped with stronger motivation to create and catch opportunities. He encouraged them to overcome difficulties, and take initiatives to solve problems. In their journey to the 20th, fight, chase and live up to the times!